Kurt Wittin and 17 Pools Envisions Taking Pool Industry to A Whole New Level

Whatever You Can Imagine is Exactly What Kurt Wittin is Using to Transform the Pool Container Industry.

His company, Seventeen Pools, has found a niche in the market, and it has caught fire. Now, founder Kurt Wittin is setting his sights at taking pool containers to a whole new level. A native Canadien born in Winnipeg Manitoba, his appreciation for being outside and activities like swimming should come as no surprise. What has been a pleasant surprise for Kurt Wittin, however, is the success of Seventeen Pools.

Kurt Wittin
Kurt Wittin

Not that Kurt Wittin didn’t expect to succeed, he did, it was just the overwhelming success that nobody could have foreseen. And now, Kurt Wittin and his company Seventeen Pools is seeing a future as big as their customer’s imaginations. It has even become a catch-phrase of sorts for the company, as they state on the company website “If you dream it, we can build it.”

“I would like to bring the whole pool phenomenon to another level…” says Kurt Wittin, regarding the direction of Seventeen Pools. That is a “phenomenon” that Kurt Wittin and his company had a hand in creating, and one that he plans on leading. From movie screens to state-of-the-art sound systems complete with light effects and that is only the shallow end of what Seventeen Pools offers.

The defining quality and niche that Seventeen Pools and Kurt Wittin have discovered, however, isn’t in the bells and whistles but the pool containers themselves. From shape and depth, it is the flexibility Seventeen Pools affords customers to create their own ideal pools.

Never straying too far from home, Kurt Wittin operates Seventeen Pools from their home office in Winnipeg, while servicing much of Canada and California. And yes, another benefit that Seventeen Pools offers is excellent shipping options. Like his brainchild company, their shipping options are only more evidence of the creative and ingenious mind of Kurt Wittin.

This appears only the beginning for Kurt Wittin and his innovative and creative pool container company. It also just might be the next big thing in the pool container industry too, and that is definitely the goal for Seventeen Pools and their founder Kurt Wittin.

If you don’t find Kurt Wittin running his business, then you will likely find him being involved with his family and engaged in one of his hobbies such as boating, canoeing, or gardening. Outdoors, outside, and outside of the box thinking, that is Kurt Wittin and his company is far from the shallows now.

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